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Timmus Limited is a social and educational research company based in the south west of England. It was set up in 2003 and is owned and run by Dr Tabetha Newman. Clients range from local Universities to national public sector organisations and international policymakers.

Timmus Limited supports organisations in the collection of reliable data, with a user-design focus, and analyse it in ways that provide a deep and actionable strategic insight. We regularly work on projects that involve online survey design and analysis, digital literacies, the design of online self-assessment tools, and the ethical and reliable collection of data from children.

Timmus often works on contracts within a network of national and international specialist consultants and businesses. We pride ourselves in striving to create open and effective collaborative partnerships with others.

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Tabetha Newman


Dr Tabetha Newman

Tabetha is a social and educational researcher, online survey designer and Behavioural Scientist based in Bristol, UK. Tabetha has a degree and Ph.D. in Animal Behaviour. She is an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Bristol, a Company Partner with the Market Research Society (MRS), and a member of the Social Research Association and the Alliance for Useful Evidence. She is Co-Chair of a local Primary School Academy. She is an expert in online survey design and build (using tools such as Online Surveys or SurveyMonkey) and quantitative analysis (e.g. singe and multivariate statistical analysis using SPSS). A catalogue of my academic publications are available via my ResearchGate site.

Our Services

We provide a broad range of skills and techniques, and a depth of experience

Survey Design

We build and manage online surveys using a variety of platforms, chosen to meet client need. Questions are tested to ensure they make sense to users, and collect data at an appropriate level to answer client questions.

Behavioural Insights

We design and carry out quantitative and qualitative user research, including via surveys, focus groups, work-based interviews and remote tests. We use methods including cognitive and depth interviewing.

Statistical Analysis

We analyse data using appropriate univariate statistical analysis to discern whether differences are due to chance variation or a real effect. We use multi-variate methods (e.g. factor analysis, MCA) to identify clusters or persona types.

Digital diagnostic tools

We help in the strategic and structural design of digital self-assessment tools, diagnostics and experiences. These could be for individuals (e.g. reflecting on skills) or organisations (e.g. measuring and benchmarking compliance).

User Experience Research

We employ a user-centred approach throughout. We use depth and cognitive interviewing techniques and ensure we collect information ethically. We have experience in journey-mapping, wireframing, persona development and interaction design.

Secondary Analysis

We are happy to work with data collected by others; for example we can re-analyse survey data using multivariate techniques to unearth trends that were previously overlooked.


We've worked with some great organisations over the past 16 years

Our clients have included The European Commission (Growth & Innovation, Human Capital & Employment Research Unit), Health Education England (HEE), Jisc, Coram Voice, 'We the Curious', various UK Universities, LSIS, CUREE, CeDARE, SpilGames, PMI Ltd, Becta, LSIS and The Office of National Statistics (ONS).


Here are some examples of the kinds of projects we work on

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Timmus is made of enthusiastic people with a broad range of skills and experience.

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We're based in the lovely city of Bristol, UK, but work with clients across the UK and beyond.


If you have a query, please contact Tabetha Newman

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