Presentation at the LSIS ‘Technology for Success’ conference

I spent Tuesday at the LSIS Technology Conference, which proved to be an interesting and valuable day out. I met lots of interesting people, heard about some interesting projects, and was fortunate to be asked to give one of the keynote talks.

My talk covered the preliminary results of a project I’m carrying out for LSIS at the moment. It’s an interesting topic, focussing on the impact and sustainability of small funding initiatives – basically how to get the most out of small funding grants (£10K or lower). My talk covered issues such as:

  • What does success look like?
  • What factors are associated with successful projects?
  • What factors correlate with the project catalysing more positive changes within an organisation?
  • Why do things go wrong?
  • One practical way to deal with an important blocker: include ‘people’ in your action plan.

    Several people have asked for copies of the presentation, so I’ve uploaded a version to SlideShare (see below).

    Note that this work is ongoing – please check back here over the next few months for the full report and summary information.