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Timmus and Process Management International win Brandon Hall award!

In November 2010 I was chuffed to get a call from Dennis C-M at PMI to let me know that our latest set of Six Sigma e-learning modules had won a silver Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning award. Fantastic news! Dennis had the pleasure of jetting off to SanFran to collect the award, whilst I juggled the end of maternity leave and tried to remember what it was like to get dressed up for awards ceremonies!

I’ve worked with PMI for nearly eight years and I can’t think of a better organisation to have as a client. They really practice what they preach in terms of managing a process and striving to make it better. They always consider the ‘people’ as well as the ‘process’ aspect, and they always highlight the importance of data collection and monitoring. I learn as much from them as I hope they do from me. Here’s to the success of many future projects.


New year, new Timmus

Welcome to the new Timmus Limited blog! You’ll probably notice that we now have a new website and logo. This marks a return to work for me, following the second (and final :o) bout of maternity leave.

The last year has seen many changes, notably in the closure of many of the education quangos that I often worked with. There are some great people who were made redundant, many of whom are now heading off to work in the e-learning and education sector in the Middle East. It’s a real loss of skills for the UK, but I wish them loads of luck with their new ventures.

On a brighter note, I’ve had a number of discussions with corporate organisations in regard to the design / redesign of learning and training systems. The current climate has focused attention on the importance of sound strategy, usability, and the importance of testing and leaner-centric design rather than thoughtless big budget spend. Let’s hope 2011 sees some clear thinking and some true success stories.