UK and EU Educational Research

In 2008 Timmus won a tender from Becta to carry out an international literature review on the concepts around, models, and blockers / drivers of ‘digital literacy’ in the context of learners aged 3 – 16 years.


Over 160 international sources of information were reviewed predominantly from peer reviewed journals. This led initially to the creation of three documents: a short executive summary of findings, a summary document containing the direct quotes from which opinions were based, and a list of all reference sources. The main outcome was a model of digital literacy, which aimed to be of practical use to non experts (mainly for teachers in primary and secondary education). We also provided recommendations on how to proceed in engaging stakeholders in the debate about digital literacy in pre-16 education.


The work was well received, and led to a further contract to create a practical guide for Key Stage 2 teachers and learners. It also led to a talk at the 2009 Shock of The Old conference called “Digital Literacy: from terminology to action” (subsequently downloaded more than 10,000 times via SlideShare).
In 2012 this work resulted in Tabetha being invited to attend an EU Policy Summit on Digital Literacy in Seville as a named expert.

“Timmus were tasked with finding and summarising an enormous range of viewpoints and models describing the development of digital media literacy amongst school learners. They conducted a thorough review of the literature with great efficiency and a highly organised approach … Tabetha has an exceptional ability to present complex ideas in an engaging and digestible form. In the presentation of the findings, her enthusiasm and in depth knowledge made her an excellent spokesperson for the project.” Andrea Shirley, Manager of Online Learning, Becta