Quantitative data analysis services

In 2012 CeDARE completed a longitudinal study of Early Years professional status. They had a robust and detailed qualitative dataset, but needed help in analysing a complex set of quantitative data relating to the assessment of observations of interactions between staff and preschool children.


First, we worked with CeDARE to fully understand their research aims, expectations and research methodology. We then worked together to delve through all of the datasets and uncover a logical, valid and robust way to analyse the data in order to achieve the desired aims. This involved complex statistics, so two of us worked side by side – one plugging the data into a stats package whilst the other maintained focus on the aims and logic behind every step, recording methods and results as we went.


We created two short documents that summarised the statistical results for each analysis, and provided an explanation of exactly what this meant for each of the research questions. We knew the client was time-pressed, so we pulled a couple of late nights and weekends to ensure we met their deadline. They were chuffed with the result, and so were we! Although our brains hurt quite a bit afterwards.