Qualitative report on intended and unintended outcomes

To evaluate and summarise the success of 60 projects funded across all Further Education sub-sectors by LSIS after project completion. The projects focussed on use of technology to enhance either teaching and learning or leadership and management. Every funded intervention and every setting was unique. In addition, whilst each project had an initial aim, many end benefits often fell outside of that starting goal. Oh, and there was a 10 week turn around time.


Lots of pulling of hair followed by many a night deep in thought! We started with the initial project plans, ran an online survey, and visited projects to better understand their context, initial problem, and the funded solution. Project success was widespread, but often outside of the initial remit. So we spent a lot of time investigating and identifying the unintended benefits of projects, such as new contacts made, savings that came from other technologies identified, or increased staff/learner satisfaction.


We produced a targeted report that summarised the qualitative and quantitative data collected. It included single page ‘case study narratives’ of six projects, plus quotes from project holders and “How to” information for other FE organisations. The results were a massive success, and Tabetha was asked to give the keynote speech at the LSIS 2013 ‘Leadership in Technology’ conference.
“This is an excellent piece of work, exemplary in my view… The work more than meets my expectations. Many thanks for your efforts.” (Bob Powell, Programme Development Manager, LSIS)