Website evaluation

LSIS were responsible for the Excellence Gateway – an online repository of teaching resources and information to support the professional development of those working in the Further Education sector. In 2011 they realised that they didn’t fully understand the user personas that utilised the site, nor did they have formal feedback from their key stakeholder groups. They wanted to improve the site navigation but they didn’t know where to start. Timmus was tasked with finding evidence to assist this process.


Initially, Timmus worked with various stakeholder groups to create a ‘road map’ which identified user needs and described problems and issues with the current site. We also focussed on identifying quick win improvement opportunities that would be easy to implement and satisfy large user groups.


LSIS created a new website based on these recommendations. In 2012 Timmus went back to carry out an online customer satisfaction survey based on the new website. This rapid, iterative process allowed us to continue providing data to identify opportunities for improvement and drive future development.