Bespoke training in effective survey design/analysis

Spilgames are an international digital gaming and publishing company based in The Netherlands. They create and distribute games for girls, teenagers and families, and have millions of customers around the globe. They use online surveys to gather data about customer satisfaction, but wanted to know how to maximise success from the design of these, and how to best identify reliable and valid trends during analysis.


Tabetha adapted her ‘survey design and analysis’ training materials to meet the context of Spilgames, and presented these in two three-hour sessions at Spilgames HQ in The Netherlands.


Seven people attended the training, munching through two plates of Stroop Waffles and showing genuine signs of enjoyment and interest. They were asked to complete an anonymous feedback survey, and results were great. A total of 72% strongly agreed that the workshop was useful, and 86% strongly agreed that they would recommend it.
“Tabetha is an impressive trainer: she’s very professional and incredibly knowledgeable. Her workshop was packed with a lot of tips, guidelines, do’s and don’ts, plenty of “aha!” moments, and 2 tons of fun.”