Digital attitudeS & SKILLS For HERITAGE (DASH 2021)

The DASH 2021 survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Identify knowledge gaps

Audit digital skills

Spot blockers to effective practice

Recognise specialist skills

Know what skills to develop

Evidence improvement

DASH has been used by more than 400 heritage organisations in the UK

“This situation has forced us to use digital more, and we won’t be going back … We will be embedding digital into our processes in future so collecting data now using this survey is really useful … I think the Heritage Fund is being forward thinking, supportive and this will add considerable value for beneficiaries and organisations for the future” Amelia Morgan, CEO, Venture Trust (2020)

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Niamh Kelly

Using the DASH survey to support staff training and development

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Jina Gwyrfai

Using the DASH survey as a baseline for digital policy

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Using DASH across 6 sites

Using DASH Across 6 Sites to Empower Over 1,300 Staff & Volunteers

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What is the DASH Survey?

The Digital Attitudes and Skills for Heritage (DASH) survey first ran in Spring 2020, due to its success it is being repeated in September and October 2021.  It’s a free resource – funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund – that allows UK heritage organisations to capture a summary of key digital skills and attitudes of their staff and volunteers, and use this to support reflection and identify improvement opportunities for working better together. Whether you are a heritage organisation interested to take part or know of organisations who could benefit from it, please read on to find out how you can be involved.

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Responding to Covid-19

There has never been a more important time to consider and support the digital skills and attitudes of people in your organisation. We are responding to this situation by repeating the DASH survey project in 2021, allowing heritage organisations to collect a vital baseline for their staff and volunteers, or (for those who ran it last year) compare data with that collected in 2020.

The DASH survey collects information across an organisation’s staff and volunteers which helps them to better understand and support their people now and in the future. DASH questions are designed to be interesting for people to answer, allowing them to anonymously reflect on their digital attitudes and skills, and the digital support their organisation provides.