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Using your data DASHboard

  We are just over halfway through the DASH survey live phase, and there are four weeks remaining to collect data before the survey closes on 10th July. Many organisations have now collected enough responses (10+) to allow us to create a live dashboard for them to check out their data. Several of you have…
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16 June 2020 0
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What do you do when you are asked to create a list of as many different heritage organisations as possible?

  To make sure that we reach a fully representative range of heritage organisations for this project, I was asked to create a list of the names of heritage organisations of all types that we could then use to sample from and contact as part of the DASH project. This initially seemed a little overwhelming:…
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9 June 2020 0
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Creating the DASH project website on a shoestring

The core focus of our project is the DASH survey itself and the results and insights that the survey generates in terms of understanding an organisation’s digital attitudes and skills. However, once the project had kicked off, the team quickly realised that a project website would be hugely beneficial in order to engage effectively with…
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11 May 2020 0

Designing the DASH survey: how we did it

As a team we’ve done our share of survey design for digital skills (you can see some of our previous work here), so we’ve developed some principles that guide our approach. But every sector is different, and the situation we are in today is certainly unique. So how have we approached the task this time?…
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14 April 2020 0
Remote working

Using free digital tools to manage a project remotely

There are four people working on different aspects of this project, and there are several different areas for us to consider. We’ve found that we can keep in touch with the project as a whole using three different types of free digital tools, apps or software: We’re using Trello to list all the “to do” activities in…
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9 April 2020 0
Video conference

The DASH project is #WFH

This first project blog post is coming to you in early April 2020, from a small green shed at the bottom of a garden near Bristol, outside of which is an impatient dog with a squeaky ball. Yes indeed, the DASH project is #WFH (working from home), and making progress despite the squeaking! When we…
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6 April 2020 0