Can I look at the questions first?

Yes, the questions can be downloaded from the downloads page.

How long does it take for the lead contact to receive their organisation’s survey web link?

We expect this to take no longer than one working week. Please bear with us as we organise and email the survey and live dashboard links.

When will the lead contact be sent the live data dashboard link?

Once you have 10+ responses, we will email the lead contact with a web link that allows them to log into a live data dashboard and see the cumulative data as it comes in. It may take the DASH team up to one week to create and send the link.

What are the key dates?

14th April: the sign-up form opens
27th April: the DASH surveys open; organisations can begin to collect their data
3rd July: the sign-up form closes
10th July: the DASH surveys close
July/August: Organisation lead contact is sent a copy of their organisation’s data, as long as there are 10+ responses
October: National report published

What should organisations do with their data?

We have created a short PDF document called ‘Using DASH data’ that links every question with suggested ways to respond to the data it creates.

What if some people prefer to answer the DASH survey via a paper version?

If at all possible we recommend the use of the digital version of the DASH survey, which can be easily answered on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

If some people need to complete the survey on paper, the lead contact should download a paper copy from this website, print it, and send it to those who need it. The lead contact should gather all completed paper versions into one collection, and then send them in the post to the address at:

DASH survey, c/o Timmus Research Limited, 2 Horwood Road, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 2LN

The DASH team will enter the information from the paper copies and attach it to your organisation’s dataset. It is very important that every paper copy has the organisation’s name and the name of the lead contact at the top, otherwise they cannot be processed.

How should I share our web link with our people?

We recommend sharing the web link by copying and pasting it into an email, or by sending in a text message. Be careful to check you’ve copied the whole link. If some of your staff or volunteers need a paper version, you can print this from the DASH website and send it to them (see ‘What if some people prefer to answer the DASH survey via a paper version?‘). Remember: your organisation’s web link should only be shared with the staff and volunteers who work with your organisation, otherwise it will contain other people’s answers and not reflect the opinions of those working for you.

What should I say to our staff and volunteers when I send the link?

We have suggested some words you could use when you’re inviting people to take your survey.

If sending by email:

We have decided to run a survey, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, about our attitudes and actions when using digital technology. We hope you can add your opinions and thoughts. The survey is 22 questions long, your answers are anonymous, and all the questions are optional. You can link straight to our version of the survey by clicking here:

[Copy and paste your organisation’s link]

The questions are designed to:

  1. Help individuals to reflect on their digital attitudes and skills
  2. Help organisations collect data from those who work and volunteer for them, and use it to improve the way they use technology
  3. Help the National Lottery Heritage Fund to describe the digital attitudes and skills of people working across the UK heritage sector and share good practice.

You can learn more about the survey on the the DASH project website. Thank you for your help!

If sending by text message:

Please spare eight minutes to take this short survey about your attitudes and opinions of using digital technology when working or volunteering for us. The survey is 22 questions long, your answers are anonymous, and all the questions are optional. You can link to the survey by clicking here: [Copy and paste your organisation’s link]. Thank you.

Why does the web link have lots of different characters in it?

We have had to create unique, coded links so that we can ensure your data is collected separately to the hundreds of other participating heritage organisations, and that your link isn’t easy to copy or guess.

I signed up over a week ago and haven’t received our link yet

Please check your email SPAM folder to make sure that the email hasn’t been lost in transit. If you still can’t find our email containing your organisation’s link, please email us at dashsurvey@timmuslimited.co.uk . Please note that we can only respond to emails from the lead contact from an organisation, and only have the capacity to reply to issues relating directly to your organisation’s DASH survey.

Why are we not listed on the project map?

When the lead contact signed up, they were asked to tick if they wanted your organisation to be added to the project map. It takes up to a week for us to organise this process. If you’re still not on the map and you think your organisation should be, then please ask your lead contact to contact us as a reply to their web link email.

Why can’t I answer the survey twice?

The survey is set to only allow one response per person. Once you click DONE at the end of the survey, your data are logged in the database.