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Please sign up here so your organisation can participate in the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Digital Attitudes and Skills for Heritage (DASH) survey 2021.

This process is simple and takes under 10 minutes. You sign up on behalf of your organisation, leaving some basic information and contact details on this form.

What is DASH?

  • DASH is a survey containing 34 questions that ask people about their digital attitudes, digital skills (relevant to the heritage sector) and the organisational support they get to work digitally
  • It is free for those working across UK heritage that runs between 6th September and 7th November 2021
  • It is useful for people to reflect on their skills, and for organisations and The Fund who will use data to improve their support
  • One person signs up to ask for a link to DASH, we send it back to them, they share it across their organisation
  • It takes only 10 minutes to complete

Why should I use DASH?

  • It is useful for everyone because it allows them to reflect on their digital attitudes and skills, and identify where they might want to develop
  • It collects data for an organisation, which they can use to improve digital ways of working
  • It collects data for The National Lottery Heritage Fund, which they will use to better understand the diverse UK heritage sector, and support it in the future

Is DASH relevant to me?

  • DASH is relevant to everyone working in the UK heritage sector
  • The Fund need to hear from everyone across the breadth and diversity of heritage in order to understand heritage and support it effectively
  • Even if you are a very small, voluntary organisation, please join in

How can I get involved?

  • Choose one person from your organisation to be the DASH Champion. They are the person who signs up, who gets given the link, and who receives all of their organisation’s data at the end of the survey period
  • You can sign up on behalf of your organisation – just follow the link above
  • Please share with your networks to spread the word, and follow #DASHsurvey on social media


DASH benefits
Take part in DASH. It’s useful for Individuals, Organisations and the Heritage sector. Reflect on your digital practice. Identify opportunities to improve digital ways of working. Guide strategic decision-making and plan future support.